Overview: Driven By KM provides family centered financial support and care packages to Sunshine Coast children diagnosed with CHRONIC life threatening illnesses.


What we do: Immediate respite from financial hardship that have been placed on the family due to the chronic life-threatening health of a child. Driven By KM is dedicated to developing support services, in response to the needs of Sunshine Coast based families that have a medically complex child within their family unit. We hope that even if we are able to assist in a small way to relieve some burden of responsibility, whether it be by supplying groceries, travel costs to specialist appointments, cleaners to keep up with the household chores, helping with siblings school fees or assisting in paying for car repairs, it will give the family some relief both financially and time wise so that they can devote their precious time to their family. We assist with organising and paying for services that range from food hampers, house cleaning, carers for parent respite, garden maintenance and various household bills that may build up whilst the parent / carer has needed to take time to care for their child. We can cater to assist with emergency accommodation costs or travel fees at short notice when emergency hospital admissions arise. We understand that at times parents or caregivers may need to leave work for extended periods and we would like to reduce the stresses that surround a family with a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness such as cancer, by extending the caring hand of assistance and offering hope and the knowledge that they are not alone in their journey.


Our Goals: To operate a Sunshine Coast based, not for profit organisation that aims to achieve the most effective application of our supporters' contributions and to provide immediate support without the red tape, when and how it is needed most. There are many worthwhile children’s charities and support organisations in Australia. Some provide camps, and some provide funding for specific items, whilst others invest in research. What sets Driven By KM apart from other similar organisations is that it is a unique charity that not only supports children diagnosed with cancer but very importantly children that have been diagnosed with often rare and chronic life threatening illnesses. Without the support of Driven By KM these children and their families in many cases do not have access to adequate support in their time of need. Driven By KM offers a Sunshine Coast based service that ensures that our local diagnosed children and their families are able to benefit from ongoing practical, financial and emotional support. Through these services developed in response to family needs, Driven By KM strives to reduce the stresses that surround a family with a child diagnosed with life threatening illnesses by extending a caring hand of assistance.


How we will raise money: We will hold our main fundraising avenues via hosting car community show days where people will attend car themed events either through their car clubs or community entrants. We will take donations directly to the charity itself and we will also sell merchandise that will have the proceeds going to the charity. Other car events held by car clubs and businesses that are approved by the committee will also be hosting their own events which in turn will donate the monies raised to Driven By KM. We will form alliances and partnerships with like minded businesses such as Kuluin Mufflers (the annual Kuluin Mufflers fundraiser will donate all monies to this charity) and as the growth of the charity occurs we will look forward to being able to find other avenues of regular donations or benefactors towards the charity. As it currently stands we will not be supplying physical items to families as there are other local community and Australia wide charities and foundations that are able to do this. We will be able to direct families to these various organisations if the needs arise. By not supplying physical items we also do not qualify for any government grants. I have had meetings with parliamentarian members and they have said that government grants will not apply to what we are looking to do. This means we will have to think outside the box and create our own funding.


How we determine who we can help: To ensure that we are going to be helping people who are legitimately in need of assistance. We will form an initial interview routine where upon we visit with the family and medical and financial documents are shown that prove that what they are needing assisting for is true and correct. It is to the discretion of the committee members to approve or decline assistance to a family if for any reason they do not pass the questionnaire forms to prove their circumstances. If they meet all criteria then they do receive the assistance that our charity is able to afford to them at that particular time.

Do you think you are eligible? If you believe you meet all the criteria for our funding please download the Application Form located above and complete or email drivenbykm@gmail.com and we can post you the forms. 

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My Torana Rules

One of the first events to support our cause was the My Torana Rules car show held at The Sands Tavern. It was an absolutely incredible day hosted by The Torana Appreciation Social Club Sunshine Coast at The Sands Tavern to raise money for Driven By KM! 

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