• Angie Mansey

Behind the highlight reel of Kuluin Mufflers by Angie Mansey.

This is a post to show you what it takes to have a successful small business. Mostly what you see on our page is our highlight reel. The awards, the accolades, the awesome cars and all the fun we have building our tiny empire; and we do have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. This is what you don’t see. It takes pure hard work day after day in a scorching workshop, wearing thick protective jackets, helmets and gloves when the temperatures have already hit 30 degrees by mid morning. There are 12 hour days involved, coming home to see the children and eat dinner and then back to the shop until midnight to meet demand. There are loyal employees who do overtime every week and step up and fill the role of everything essentially when the wheels fall off and our regular trips to Brisbane hospital for our sons frequent surgeries arise. This is my husband tonight coming home from a 12 hour day without a break, he has managed to eat and then stumbled into a shower before passing out in bed. He will probably kill me for posting this as he doesn’t even know I took the photo but I think it’s important. Our ever loyal employee Anthony is still under the hoists at KM and still going right now. I am often asked what it takes to make a business successful. This is it. Pure hard work. Non stop. Once all our children are asleep tonight, the work starts again for me too outside of the KM office; accounts, BAS prep, quote responses and marketing. The boys though, they are the real deal, they cop the manual labour and it hurts like heck after such long days. It takes working this hard to get somewhere. We aren’t rich in materialistic ways, we don’t own a home and have never experienced a family holiday in over 5 years. (We do however have a cool Ram but honestly the bank owns more of it than we do right now.) But we have a dream of a little old house with a big verandah on a large piece of land that we can call our own and we won’t stop until we get there. Our business isn’t glamorous, the boys are covered in grease with welding sparks flying at them all day long; but I have never seen anyone work harder than they do and I am so proud of them and what they do in order to provide for their families. This is Team KM, a proud small family business on the Sunshine Coast and blue collar all the way. #thisiswhatittakes

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