• Angie Mansey

The Kuluin Mufflers Car Wash for Cancer Fundraiser

When we heard about 2 local men battling cancer and struggling financially, we came up with an epic day that would not only provide laughs but also help their families. An absolutely uplifting day raising funds for 2 very special families on the coast; The Wiedmans and The Donovans! Both men are currently battling cancer and today saw friends, family, local businesses and community members get together for a mammoth car wash. We worked full pelt from 8am through to 12pm and ran 4 car wash bays the entire time totaling over 70 cars! We even sold out of the hundred plus sausages early on! We can’t thank everyone enough who came down and supported these families and we are so proud to announce that the united team efforts have raised $3342.95!!! This means that each family will receive $1671.50 to help them take away a bit of the financial pressure they are facing in this tough time. Thank you so much to everyone for making today the raging success it was, what a heartwarming day it was❤️❤️❤️

📸: Hi-Octane Motorsports & Photography

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