Ford RANGER RAPTOR exhaust DPF back 304 stainless steel system made in Australia.


KM Ford Ranger Raptor DPF back exhaust


This is the ultimate exhaust system for the ultimate truck! Ford knocked it out of the ball park with this truck so with a large amount of real life R&D in our workshop we have released our full 304 stainless steel 3.5 inch DPF back exhaust system for the mighty Ford Ranger Raptor.



- Full 304 stainless steel construction

- Quick easy fitment, 2 bolts and a V-Band connection

- Poweeeeer! this system alone will increase the power, add a tune or chip and you have one hand full of a Turbo diesel

- Sound, yes your DPF truck can sound the goods. Subtle note that sounds great outside the truck but is still be quiet cruising inside the cabin.

KM Ranger Raptor DPF Back Exhaust System