The KM Straight Ace 2.5 inch diff dump system is specifically designed for HQ/ HJ/ HX/ HZ Holden sedans. This is a multi fit bolt on exhaust system to suit all V8's and including engine swaps. The KM straight Ace system is extractors back, it includes adaptors to suit the extractors on your car. The system is made up of a "X" pipe, 2 Km 409 mufflers and 45 degree diff dump tips. It is designed to be fitted in your shed or by your local mechanic. 

  • Multi fit front pipes, allow for ease with instalation with all extractor brands and engine combinations. 
  • Mandrel band tubing. 
  • Ease of installation. 
  • Ceramic coating for long life. 

KM Straight Ace 2.5 inch Diff Dump System

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