N80 Toyota Hilux exhaust DPF back 304 stainless steel system made in Australia.

KM N80 Hilux DPF back exhaust

Due to popular demand we have designed an exhaust system based on the proto types seen on the KM YouTube channel. With a large amount of real life R&D in our workshop we have released our full 304 stainless steel 3.5 inch DPF back exhaust system for the Hilux DPF Model .

This exhaust system is a hand made, from the finest New Zealand made 304 stainless steel. It is a direct bolt up to the DPF and has a slip join for maximum seal and longevity. This exhaust will outlast all of us. We have tested this system on numerous vehicles before releasing it and we have put together the perfect setup for aesthetics, longevity, power gains and most importantly giving the maximum potential turbo diesel note from a DPF vehicle.


- Developed in house at Kuluin Mufflers on a multiple of trucks for the best setup

- Australian made on the Sunshine Coast

- Hand Made

- Full 304 stainless steel construction

- Quick easy fitment, 2 bolts and a slip connection

- Poweeeeer! this system alone will increase the turbo response, add a tune and you have one hand full of a Turbo diesel

- Sound, yes your DPF truck can sound the goods. This system will give subtle note that sounds great outside the truck but is still quiet cruising inside the cabin.

be sure to check us out on youTube and Facebook. Videos of this system are live now.

N80 Toyota Hilux Exhaust DPF back