Nissan Patrol Y62 Cat pipes

These pipes are a direct bolt in replacement for the secondary catalytic convertors.

By replacing the stock secondary pipes with 2.5 in full flow pipes (no catalytic convertor in the pipe) you greatly increase the flow and performance of the exhaust. This will also improve the V8 volume from the exhaust, especially when fitted in conjunction with the KM sports muffler for the Y62, check out or store for that option.

This kit comes complete with everything you need. These are 2 x 409 stainless steel pipes, flanged to match the stock setup. Gaskets and bolts are included and a fitting to prevent the 'Engine Light' from coming on.


- greatly improved exhaust flow
- Improved performance
- 409 stainless steel piping.
- designed and fabricated in the same fashion as the standard system for a clean factory look
- 100% bolt in, no modifications required and can be fitted with basic hand tools.
- 100% Australian made
-Supplied with 2 cat stoppers to prevent the 'Check Engine ' light from coming on.
- fits all series of Y62
- Designed by Kuluin Mufflers, we are an innovative workshop that test and fit all of the products we offer. We offer the parts we use in the workshop on a daily basis so you can be guaranteed perfect fitment and operation. Price includes freight Australia wide

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Nissan Patrol Y62 Cat Pipes.