The KM 2020 Nissan Patrol sports muffler assembly. Nissan Patrol Y62 Sports Muffler. This is a direct replacement part for the new Patrol. This system is fabricated from 409 stainless steel, mandrel bent and fully welded. The 2.5 inch pipe is a considerable increase over the small 2 inch system that bolts to the back of the catalytic converters on the standard setup. The muffler is a 304 polished twin in single out to 3 inch. This system opens up the flow of the mid section to better unload the catalytic converters for improved performance and V8 note. The standard tail pipe is already 3 inch. It contains a resonator that does not restrict the exhaust, it is purely there to remove drone. This system with the standard tail pipe provides maximum flow for improved performance and delivers an instant V8 Rumble.

The KM 2020 Nissan Patrol sports muffler assembly